Automatically Running a Replit Daily

I have a replit which gets stock data, subreddit data, then uploads it to a google sheets file. Is there any way that I can easily run this code on a daily basis automatically? Preferably for free as I’m a student and not requiring a computer that’s always on as I do not have one.

Hi @savoiej you can turn always on on for your Repl. This will cost you some cycles daily but it’s $0.20 per day.

So even if all I need is to run my program one time a day, 5 days a week, I still have to pay $0.20/day just so it hits the green button automatically for me?

you could thread it.

thread it? Could you elaborate on what that means?

You could create a simple webserver on it and ping it once a day with a service like uptimerobot which will activate it, but that won’t work for too long.

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