Automatically indents, even though I don't want it to

Problem description:
For some reason I write some code and try to run it and it says “unexpected EOF while parsing” at line x, except line x doesn’t exist.
I press enter to go to line x, and it’s automatically indented about 3 times. This continues for every line afterward and I have to rewrite my code by hand because copypasting gives the same error.

Expected behavior:
It shouldn’t do this, I (with limited understanding of python) think everything about the code has no reason to cause this

Actual behavior:
Explained at top

Steps to reproduce:
As stated, it just happens. It might just be that I use ifs all the time but they seem to mostly happen after an if statement.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome, ChromeOS, some Dell school chromebook

hey there. The reason that they give an EOF error on a line that doesn’t exist is because they expect you to end you function statement of print that is on line 22 with a ) which you did not :slightly_smiling_face: _face:

@bigminiboss i knew being new would mess something up, thank you :slight_smile:

you’re welcome, if it helped, you can mark as solution; I wish you great fortune on your coding journey

Has this problem been resolved as usually

means there is no code after a if/ else/ eligible statement where there should be.

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