Automatically format code in C#

Is there a way how to ask replit editor to auto-format (e.g. pasted) code in C#? I use replit for a long time and I am pretty sure that this feature was at least part of context menu, however I cant find it any more.

I have seen people here suggesting CTRL-S shortcut, however that does not work for me.

Did you try Ctrl + Shift + F or Shift + Alt + F?

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Not before, but CTRL-SHIFT-F triggers code-search dialog, CTRL-ALT-F seems to do nothing.

It’s Shift + Alt + F, not Control

Oh, thanks, some kind of selective blindness… However, no, even Shift+Alt+F does nothing for me. (Tested in Firefox & Chrome on Win 10)

My memory has failed me.

@JanKoupil If you are on Windows / Linux, it should be CTRL + S. If you are on a Mac, it should be + S. There is also a chance that you have altered the format shortcut. If this is true, go to your in-repl settings, press Keyboard Shortuts. After this, search format in the search bar and the first result should say Format Document. On this result, it will show the set shortcut.

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In some languages it is right here:


but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to exist in C#


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So, as a conclusion … there currently isn’t (most probably) any possibility to autoformat code in C#.

I’ll fill in a feature request bu I’m afraid whether that will be of any help.

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