Automatically Enter Free Album Codes

Some artists/labels on give out codes that you can use to add a track or album to your collection for free. The problem is that they are one-use only, so you may have to try many different codes before you find one that works. It will often be a list of 100 codes so this process can be tedious and you could miss a working one if you just try them randomly in no specific order or don’t attempt all of them.

I wanted to make this process easier, so I started working on this yesterday.

It takes a list of bandcamp codes and generates a json file to import into chrome dev tools recorder which when replayed will enter the codes one by one automatically until it finds one that works, then it will timeout. This part is important because if it didn’t stop once it found a successful code, it could eat up other unused codes, which would waste them possibly causing damages to the artist(s) since they might have paid for the codes.