Automatic Bounty Cashout

So I’m in the process of my first cycles cashout, having completed 8 bounties and earnt 47,880 cycles from them. Frankly, the system in place is really annoying, slow, and not really up to date.

I think it would be great if you could add all the banking information needed somehow via your account settings in your profile. Then once a bounty is completed, you should be able to choose whether you receive automatic cashout (if you’ve filled the info in, otherwise it would prompt you to fill the info in for automatic cashout), or receive cycles. This system would be much more efficient, much less of a hassle, and remove the need for an annoying email system (although the people like Horacio who run that system are doing an amazing job).

The issues I can see with this idea are that it would remove the 35,000 cycle cashout minimum. Personally, I also don’t really think that that would be a negative; you can only cashout on completion of a bounty anyway.

The bottom line is, (I think) the cashout system needs improvement because as it is it’s slow and frustrating. :slight_smile:


how much time did it take for your 1st cash out
to come .

From memory it was around two weeks, give or take. I believe they do payments in bulk, hence payments would occur every month or something along those lines.