Automate Replit

Automate replit

is an async api wrapper for replit. It currently features:

  • A working replit client
  • A User object wrapper
  • A Presence update function
  • Basic notification collection
  • A raw gql interface


pip install automate-replit -U


Docs can be found here


The ethan getter:

from autoreplit import ReplitClient

client = ReplitClient()

async def getEthan():
    ethan = await client.getUserByName("not-ethan")
    print(f"Ethan's id: {}")
    print(f"Ethan's follower count: {ethan.followerCount}")
    if ethan.isOnline:
        print("Ethan is online!")
        print(f"Ethan was last seen {ethan.lastSeen}")
    print(f"Ethan's roles: {ethan.roles}")
    print(f"All of ethan: {ethan}")

And, because it is async, it also works with

from discord.ext import commands
import discord
from autoreplit import ReplitClient
from os import getenv

intents = discord.Intents.default()
intents.message_content = True
bot = commands.Bot(command_prefix=commands.when_mentioned_or("mybot"), intents=intents)
client = ReplitClient(getenv("sid"))

async def on_ready():
    await client.start()

async def on_close():
    await client.close()"TOKEN"))

A full bot example can be found here


Feedback is very much appreciated, but here are some notes

  • Queries will be prioritized over mutations
  • I am already planning on making an easy comment bot module
  • I am already planning on wrapping repl getting

mmm, I already made a comment bot module so please don’t :sob:

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Is it async tho? Also pls link it.

it’s replit-bot and I’m gonna try to make it async but it’s not at the moment

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Flask is to make an auto gen doc

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