Auto uploading to community

Hi there, is there any way to stop automatically uploading my project to the community? I’m making a text-based game and so I’m constantly starting in different locations but with the auto upload feature, it means anyone who tries to play my game can’t play from the start. I know I could keep forking the game but is that my only solution? If you have any other ideas please let me know,

Welcome to the community, @GGaming1344! I don’t think it actually auto uploads, you have to manually publish it each time. The only way they can see your repl if its unpublished is if they go to your profile and scroll down the “All Repls” section.

Is there any way I can check and see if that’s true? whenever I go to my replits tab and then community it shows my most recent changes even if I haven’t published an update

Can you send me the link to the repl?

Your wording is odd, but I think I understand:

  1. Any changes you make to the repl will be auto “published” to community, this is just how replit works
  2. The repl is not “published”/findable unless you go and publish it
  3. Number One is so if you make an update, it’s immediately available to others
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Okay thank you for the clarification, I’ll see what I can do to work around the system, thanks

Do you mean autosave?

yeah so you have it published rn

if you want to unpublish it do the following:

Just so you are aware, even if your repl is unpublished, it is still viewable by the public.

Not if you set the repl visibility to private

Yes, but if you have the free plan.