Audio files do not work in replit mobile app, but the same code works well in laptop

Question: Why does audio files not play in replit mobile app, whereas it does without hassles in a laptop

import random
import time

from replit import audio

run_time = 120 # in seconds
time_gap = 3 # in seconds
audio_files = ['audio/left.wav', 'audio/right.wav']

def issue_commands(run_time, time_gap):
  end_time = time.time() + run_time

  while time.time() < end_time:

issue_commands(run_time, time_gap)

Replit link:

Indentation is lost, but the actual repl has it fine. I’m not quite sure as to how to link a public repl here, as urls are not allowed in a post.

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Hi @SambhaviDhanaba this is possibly just a feature that is yet to be added to the app. I’d suggest submitting feedback directly through the app by shaking your phone.


Thanks @CodingCactus . I shall submit a request from my phone.

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That’s not entirely true. Join links are not allowed in posts, but the normal links to view a Repl are.

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Thanks @IanAtReplit . When I pasted my repl link and tried to submit, it said links are not allowed. Anyways, it’s just a small piece of code, hence I pasted the code on the original post itself.

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Posted the link in the original post. Worked ok. Did you try to do this from the website or the mobile app?


Thanks Ian. I tried pasting the link from website.

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