Asking permission to ping on my Repl project


I need some help for Replit to allow me to use the ping module on my current ddosa repl project.

This is the current error that I am facing on the replit shell.

Anyone can help?

Google has no results for “ddosa”, Perhaps you meant “DDoS”, which is certainly against Replit’s ToS. If you meant something else, feel free to correct me!

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Hi Firepup650, ddosa is just my repl project name and it can be whatever name. It is my final year project to test on the ping program over some IP address. Can you please help me to allow the ping program for this repl to check either the application work or not.

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Please help me on my error issue here, to whom should I escalate my issue here? I have email replit at but they bring me to this Ask Replit forum.

I can check my ping results from website here Please help me, I need to launch my final year project.

I don’t think Replit allows Repls to ping websites, as even attempting to use the ping command in the Shell (after installing from nix) fails to work.


Then, what should I do to test my application in replix? I do subscribe to Pro plan but it still wont allow me to build and host my final year project? I am so dissapointed with replit. Sorry :-1:t3:

Where is their customer service? How can I reach to replit support team?

They don’t really make that the easiest of tasks. You could try reaching out to them again at, but I’m not entirely surprised they redirect you back here. There are many staff members that could assist you with problems on Ask though, it’s just a bit less convenient.


Thank you for your feedback bobastley. How can I tag replit staff on my raised Topic here?

Simply add an @ in front of their username. @ShaneAtReplit may be able to assist you further if needed, but as @Firepup650 said, ping doesn’t seem to work on Repls.

You could likely do this in Python using the requests module which would return an HTTP code (200 if it worked as expected). Try something like the following:

import requests

URL = ""


While this does “usually” work, it’s not as reliable as the ping command but it should tell you if a website is up.

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You’d rather do requests.head

I don’t suspect there are any exceptions…