Asking for .replit file when there already is one

Every time I create a new repl from a GitHub repo I get the error “Run isn’t configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it…" when I clearly have a .replit file. What’s even more strange is that if I delete the .replit file then recreate it with the exact same text inside of it, the repl works… wth. There’s clearly a bug here, please help.

For reference, here’s the GitHub repo I’m using, it has a button “Run on Replit” that I’m using: GitHub - Lumiwealth-Strategies/crypto_custom_etf

update: it seems that refreshing the page makes it work. wtf? is it just me?

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Refreshing would help. That may be because Replit hadn’t finished reading the .replit file.
If this happens again, try adding the line run = "python" above the entrypoint line.
Hope this helps!


That worked! THANK YOU!

Please mark @NateDhaliwal’s post as the solution.

Seems like that was done for me already. Thanks for the reminder


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