Asking for guidance on temporarily disabling the 'no new privileges' feature in order to remove a package using sudo.

Hello Replit team, I am having trouble removing a package with the help of sudo. Whenever I try to remove it, I get an error message saying that I do not have the necessary privileges to complete the action. I believe this is because my system has enabled the ‘no new privileges’ security feature, which prevents me from elevating my privileges with sudo. Can you please explain to me how I can temporarily disable the ‘no new privileges’ feature so that I can remove the package with sudo? Any guidance or support you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you don’t want a package, remove it from replit.nix. Also, Replit most likely isn’t going to disable the ‘no new privileges’ feature, because it’s for security. Anyways… Anything a non-root user can do can be undone by that user. sudo is not needed for removing packages.

Could you elaborate further? Are you uninstalling something via command line? If so, you shouldn’t. Head to the replit.nix file and remove the line.

I can’t install anything without it saying ‘no new privileges’.