Ask Forum user card background gets hidden

Problem description:
The user card background of users here on Replit Ask gets hidden behind the actual card.

In the screenshot above, you can see part of my user card background on the corners of the card. This happens for all users.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Discourse bug, but a bug in the CSS that Ironclad made for light/dark themes.

Expected behavior:
The user card is visible and shown properly.

Actual behavior:
See problem description.

Steps to reproduce:
Click on a user’s profile picture and look at their user card.

Bug appears at this link:

MacOS, Chrome 109

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ty, will fix this as soon as I can


But shouldn’t the user card be visible? Now it’s just gone

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It should be visible at all times iirc, I guess these forums dont show it atm


Will consider showing the image bg, if I have time to fix it.


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