As admin I don't see hidden projects within my replit

Problem description:
Suddenly I don’t see as admin in replit’s projects that are hidden. When I create a new project, it disappears in my overview because it becomes hidden. The projects is accessible via the URL, but I can’t see it otherwise. Has anything changed as part of the replit update?

Welcome to Ask! This is indeed a strange issue. Could you provide a screen recording of the issue?

Have you tried the following basic troubleshooting techniques?

  • Refresh page Ctrl + F5
  • Cache refresh Ctrl + Shift + F5
  • Restart browser
  • Restart device

Keyboard shortcuts work in Chrome and Firefox for sure, possibly other browsers.


I’m sending a preview! I found a trick to get to hidden files through project sharing. I can’t see a single project on the replit page as seen in the preview, but when I share projects, they are already there (see preview). I.e. from there I am able to unhide them. It’s just a bit odd to always do it this way.

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Our team is taking a look at this and we will report back with our findings.

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