Are proxies to bypass school blocking restrictions bannable?

I want to know this so I don’t get banned if I were to create a proxy
(If it is bannable then I’m just going to go to a different hosting service such as


Yes they are bannable, please use whatever other site there is

Proxies are only not allowed when they say they are used to bypass school restrictions. Otherwise its allowed


You should not tell people this, especially so blatantly. Now they will make a proxy for that purpose and not mention it. Simply say “Only if they are for school purposes” and only take action for violating the real rules. This is like the whole TL3 requirements, keep them a secret so people do not purposely achieve them (or in this case evade them).


@Kyle1st100 If the proxy is made specifically to bypass school blocking restrictions, then most of the time it’s very bannable. If the proxy isn’t being used for that (I don’t know what it would then be used for) then maybe it isn’t as bannable. It depends I guess.

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Other site mods have said this many time in the past so its easy to find in the first place.