Are proxies banned on Replit?

When I run my Repl that uses a proxy it crashes and Replit automatically rejects me.
The code I ran uses a proxy. Are proxies banned on Replit ?
I know there is currently an issue with Repls servers today but I would like to be sure that proxy use is allowed.

Hey @HGStyleOfficial! Welcome to the community!

Yes, proxies used to bypass security measures (especially those used to bypass school restrictions) are against Replit’s TOS, so they are not allowed to be used on Repls.


Hi @savardo, thanks for the really fast response !
I never knew that proxies are banned.
However, do you have any idea how to create a Repl that is not stored in USA servers please ?
Because I would like to make Python requests to UpToBox API, and their service cannot be accessed in USA.
Thanks in advance !

You can go over to your account page and scroll down till you find “Your server location” under “Account”.

From there, you can choose which servers you want your Repls to be hosted at.


Very big thanks @savardo !

Sorry, but this isn’t true. You can have proxies as long as it is not intended to bypass anything (including school lol), but you can totally have a proxy!

@vrynix See below:


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