Are Deployed Slackbots Private?

I used to use the “Always On” and “Private” features to leave a Slackbot running which would make API calls and send a message using the retrieved data once per day.

Since Always On is now deprecated, I switched to a Reserved VM deployment for a background worker.

My main question is this: Having deployed this project, will my code and the processes remain fully private? The Repl itself is private and going to the app’s domain just leads to a page that says “Your Repl has been deployed!” so I believe all of the code & content of the app is still private. However, I’d like to confirm this.

If your Repl is private, then you can’t get the code from the deployment.

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IIRC if you used a background worker for your deployment, you’ll just get that message. Your bot should be active + the code still private.


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