Approved template suddenly unapproved?

Hi everyone,

I had a template approved yesterday and it started showing up in template search. It was working this morning. But now when I search for the template it doesn’t appear in results.

The only change I made was to upload a new cover page. Does that reset and require a new approval?

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template is:

@RayhanADev, why no promote?

It probably was because you changed the image as you could have uploaded something inappropriate and they want to review it. And I know you would never do that :slight_smile:

@goldbergjeffrey Hello! Your template was prematurely approved by one of our moderators but didn’t meet our general criteria for promotion.

Although it was of very high quality, we don’t promote workshops its more typical of us to promote languages and framework templates for general use. If you do wish to publish a course or tutorial I recommend getting in contact with one of our community managers as we have a separate place for those :).

Apologies for all the confusion!


Welcome to the community, @RayAtReplit. Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile:


Tehe I’m @RayhanADev, this is just my work account lol.


How do I contact a community manager please?I can make this work either way I guess but would be good to take advantage of the approved features.

please let me know who I can speak to.


Jeff G

I can ask a community manager to message you if you would like


Yes please. That would be awesome.



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Hi Jeff!

A member of our Community team will reach out to you this coming Monday about writing official tutorials, we appreciate your interest! Best of luck :).


We’re not a custom language, Qlik is a business intelligence data and analytics platform with a plethora of APIs for embedding and integrating analytics into software applications. The primary programming language we build in is JavaScript, but we have libraries, tools, and SDKs for Go, Python, and .NET as well.

All good. Looking forward to the community discussion.


Jeff G

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