Application ordering blockades new hunters

So I applied to a bounty and the person at the top of the recommended doesn’t even know how actually to do the bounty. However, I get put at the bottom or middle of the recommended filter and know how to do the bounty. How does this work? The only reason they got put at the top is because of how many bounties they have already completed. This system seems very broken. The reason why I say this is you have to have bounties completed to get to the top of the page, but in order to get at least one bounty, someone has to accept YOUR application from the bottom of the page, which no one does. So it is an endless cycle (pun intended). I know a lot of people just stopped trying to apply to bounties because of this (myself included until recently). Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

TL;DR Bounties broken, and people starting out can’t get accepted.


I personally disagree, if I was a bounty poster, I don’t care how many bounties you’ve done (sure, maybe it’s reassuring, but it’s not a very major factor), I’m going to read the applications and make a judgement about your ability and whether you can actually complete my bounty, because a lot of applications basically just say ‘I can do this bounty, pick me!’ and that’s not very convincing… I remember there was someone, Bandos1000 I believe, who posts a fair few bounties and replied to a similar topic saying something with similar sentiment to what I’m saying. If it helps, I wrote a long post about writing good applications.


Long is an understatement but I will make sure to give it a good read! I think people do actually accept applications based of how many bounties they have done, as I have seen it happen. 0_0

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You may do things that make sense, but we cannot assume that other people will be logical and unbiased like that.


Especially the many people that make accounts just to post bounties and don’t know how the system works.


This is good, but from what I have seen, most bounty posters are not really like you. Some don’t know how to code, which prevents them from manually checking the peoples application. And if a poster wants a bounty done quickly, they are more likely to just accept first one they see.