Apple or Android? Vote!

dont reply here lol, check out my new voting site instead:

Vote which OS you prefer.

The only reason why you need to log in is to prevent people from spam-clicking votes. Your user id will be encrypted in the database and therefore will remain hidden to the public.

Built with:

  • Node.js
  • SQLite3
  • Sequelize
  • EJS
  • Replit Auth

Hi @eesazahed thanks for your post to Showcase.

Can you explain why you created this? What inspired you and how did you change the project you forked it from?



I feel like theres a lot of controversy about this topic, so I decided to get some data about it my making a project on replit. I wrote this app originally for a Ronaldo vs Messi voting site and I used most of the code for this project.


I like it but someone has to be bottling Android there’s no way it’s leading by that’s unch.

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Idk about that. Androids can be customized to do almost anything, meaning it is like by many developers.


Too bad, now I’m gonna explain why I think Android is better. Apple have good phones in general and features, but Android’s have a more sturdy model at least my phone won’t break if I drop it on carpet. They also have a much more wide range of customization as @AMDryzen5600X stated, better battery performance as well. Iphone batteries go bad after awhile and it’s not like you can just get a new battery, but with androids you can :).

Overall Android is better.


That’s not true :confused:

Apple phones are sturdy as well.

yeah there “sturdiness” is nothing compared to Androids :skull:.

If you toss your iPhone on the couch, it shatters into a million pieces. If you drop your android off a cliff, it won’t get a scratch. 'nuff said…


How often do you have to charge your iphone? My Nokia (yes, a nokia smartphone) lasts up to 2+ days.

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One of the big things for developers is probably the app store too, Apple has been taken to court multiple times because they take an insane cut of the earnings developers would make from apps (I recall 30% but that could be wrong). I don’t know what Android takes, but I’m pretty sure it’s less.


Android takes like 15%, while Apple takes 30%.


Mine lasts for 2 1/2 lol.

Depends on your budget. But that’s what’s cool about Android. You can easily get phones ranging from £60-£1769


Yeah you don’t have to spend $200+ on a phone that will end up being less sturdy than a Nokia flip phone


I charge mine over the night (it’s an older iPhone X)

The new ones last 1.5-2 days and my iPad Air can last 3 days. My iPad 8th gen can last a day.


Seems more like a phone maker thing and less of a os thing. Remember, android is an os, iOS is an os. So, remmer, we are judging the os not the physical phone.