App is unresponsive & unstable

Problem description:
everything is buggy

Expected behavior:
a good app

Actual behavior:
mobile app having these bugs:
crashing atleast 20 times in 1 hour
replacing text out of will (I am sure it isnt the stupid ai)
replit not opening the repl
stupid ai replacing its not working code with my correct code causing the code to error

these lazy mods are gonna ignore this 100%

Steps to reproduce:
use the app for 10 minutes

Hey @solidracer!

Yes, the app has many bugs and Replit is working on them. So I am sorry if things don’t work, you can always use the website if you can.

Hi @solidracer , wrlcome to the forums!

That’s probably not true, as the Staff actively monitor the forum and respond to bugs where they can.

The mobile app is not as updated as the desktop versions, so please be patient with it.