APIs to mess around with

So I love messing around with APIs, and I want some free (no api keys/money required) APIs to mess around with. Any APIs are welcome, but specifically I want a dictionary API, a weather API, and an AI API.

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From a quick google search:

What kind of AI? And it will most likely be very hard to find this for free


Any AI is fine. But you’re right, not many are free.

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OpenAI give you $18 of free credit for three months when you create an account :man_shrugging:

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I’ve been having a lot of fun building a Fortnite bragging rights app which pulls game data from a tracker site for a number of usernames and aggregates it. Need to work on the CSS so it displays nicely but has been pretty robust (which I was worried about).


100 Days Of Code actually goes into JSON files and stuff, as well as APIs. You can use an OpenAI API key to create a ChatGPT-like bot on Python. You can check out a tutorial (I’ve forgotten the name) under the ‘Learn’ page aon Replit… I think it’s from a group ‘Takeoff School’ or something.