API to get information about Repls and account (especially Deployments usages)

Describe your feature request

When you are deploying Repls you may want to monitor the process cycles of your autoscale VMs, the egress usage of your deployed Repl, the number of incoming requests.
They are all available in the Account Information but there is no configurable alerting features.

What i would love to have is a Replit API to be able to make requests on my own account to know these values, as well as other values such as the storage used by each Repl and maybe more information about the Repls.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

Be able to monitor perfectly the usage of our deployment
Be able to list our Repls and check the one that use more storage

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I am using the Account Info everyday to see if there is not an autoscale Repl that would cause too much traffic or compute cycles. Having that as an API would allow me to have a program with automatic alerts or to add these figures in my own dashboard


So you’re asking for an API but really what you want is to be alerted if a deployments starts using a lot of egress, etc, correct? If so, wouldn’t email notifications or webhooks solve your issue? I personally think webhooks would be really useful.


The alerting was just an example, having API for accessing information about our Replit services would be nice to create any tool not only alerting tool.

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Well technically there’s already an API, but let’s just say it’s not meant for public use. There’s no (public) documentation and many moderators consider that using it is a breach of Replit’s terms of service.

So my request would be to have something public or for Core users.
We are all coders on Replit and it would be nice to be able to get such KPIs.
I don’t want to automatically create Repls or things like that but only follow my usage and get information about my repls

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Webhooks are a type of API endpoint.

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