API testing through postman no longer working

Ever since the new domain switching I have not been able to properly test my endpoints with Postman.

The new SSH configuration does not seem to work with VS Code, and even on the editor or try get the url for testing or through the debug from VS Code, nothings works. When I try the old URL the repl.co, it says I can’t use POST even though POST is configured for that api endpoint.

How can I connect via SSH with VS Code and how can I test out my endpoints using Postman?

That would be because repl.co is depreciated.

Yes, I’m aware of that. But it doesn’t tell me what the new url is? the SSH tunnel with the right configuration doesn’t work on VS Code, and even the url when I press new tab in the editor in the webview tool, that url doesn’t work either.

Then that’s a glitch, that url should work.

well support hasn’t been much help and haven’t answered my support request, so looking if there is another way

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