Anyone know how to push repl into an existing github repository?

I’ve tried using the git on settings, i thought the remote url would let me target where to go, but its not working. It’s just creating its own new repository instead of inside the one i already have in github.

Hi @jordles1 , welcome to the forums!
Could you try importing a repo instead of using the Git?

how would i import the repo from replit to github?

In the ppopup for creating a repl, click the Import from github button at the top-right corner.
Hope this helps!

Im confused, are you telling me to import my github repository to replit? Because thats not what im asking.

I know, the issue that you are encountering is a bug, I’m giving you a workaround to that.

Oh so you want me to import my github repository into replit, add new files in there, then use git to push back to github as a whole repository?

Yes, that’s it. Importing the repo then pushing the changes from Git.