Anyone know how to clear cached data?

Does any one know how to clear cached data? i been looking around everywhere found something it said to do control shift r and it didnt work my cached data is really high

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Mostly depends on browser, but for chrome you can do this.

Click the lock icon, then site settings.


Then click clear data, keep in mind this will clear ALL data for that website.


didnt work its like ram cached data wise im using chrome though

I know on Chrome and Firefox use Ctrl F5 to refresh page while clearing the cache (F5 refreshes page without clearing cache). Since you said you’re on Chrome, this should work.

its like ram data for my repl

It looks like it’s supposed to be that way.

If Program Memory gets too high, it will replace Cache Memory.


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i dont see how it is though

also i been needing help with another thing this line of code wont detect if the bot has a different gamemode
if ( !== ‘Survival’) setInterval(function() { (‘/minecraft:gamemode creative’), 60 })

it wont detect it at all

Perhaps move that to a different topic. Somebody would be glad to help but that question will be buried under the wrong topic if you leave it here.

ok thank you telling me

what do you want the code to do? Firstly you want the , 60 to be after the } so it’s parsed as an argument to setInterval and not part of the function()

i want it to detect if it is in survival and then switch the gamemode to creative

and also detect if its deoped to op itself

is there like a way to delete some of the cached data in the ram?

setInterval(() => {
  if ( != 'creative')'/minecraft:gamemode creative')

The () => {/*...*/} code tells it what to run in the infinite loop. You want to check if it isn’t creative. Make sure it’s lowercase; strings compare case-sensitively

run kill 1 in shell to restart the repl. Honestly, don’t worry about your RAM usage unless it actually gets full. Unused = wasted. Used (can) = less repeated processes = faster.

and where do I put the () => {/}

oh, by that I meant the code after () => { and before }. Nothing more to put (if I understood what you wanted correctly)

like this?
setInterval(() => {/survival/}
if ( != (‘creative’)‘/minecraft:gamemode creative’)