Anybody else use NeoVim?

Just finished setting up NeoVim (I’m a little scared of Vim) anybody who uses it have any plugin recommendations? I’m planning on moving pretty much all my code writing to NeoVim, since replit is just too buggy to work on, and Sublime seems a little too main stream.

I had to show this because I’m very amused by it

actually editing

tl;dr: Package suggestions?

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Chad-iest package, ngl :stuck_out_tongue:

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I recommend checking out other people’s (Neo)vim configurations to see what they do. I have mine up at dotfiles/nvim at main · tomodachi94/dotfiles · GitHub if you want a peek. For more inspiration, check the neovim-configuration topic on GitHub.

Learn how to EXIT VIM.

My dotfiles were refactored a while ago, and the correct link is now here:

Apologies for anyone who attempted to access them after the refactor.