Any servers that aren't hosted in the US?

Hey team,

love the product, but the platform Binance is rejecting any API requests from US IP’s :frowning:

are there any product offerings that have non-US IP address?

The script is very simple and I can change the language from python if required.

currently on Hacker profile if that makes any difference



All repl containers are hosted in the US.

you can use a proxy, I think.

Proxy’s are violating Replit’s ToS

Number 24 in section 4: Prohibited actions state:
24. Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

However I am unaware if this applies to using a proxy, rather than making it.

@MatanFromRoblox, he’s not talking about a proxy to unblock sites; he’s talking about proxies to disable ratelimits and other similar features.

sry, mna proxies aren’t allowed.

there are servers in the united states and a small set in india:

it depends on where your geolocation is though so unless you move to india no luck :laughing:


Then i think domain linking solves the problem

thanks all for the replys,

I’ll probably just spin something up on aws, I just prefer the simplicity of replit when toying!


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solution is in your profile. you can switch location to india. but next problem is to find out the IP adress…

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@TimRenner I have a similar use-case. Did you find a working method to use a non-US server with your deployment?

Yes, its in your profile

the problem is that hosting proxies aren’t allowed, but using one is totally legal.

Change your server location to India under


Thank you. I updated my account’s server location to Asia and re-deployed, but it still showed the server in the US. Then I shut down and created a new deployment, but the resolved IP was the same. Any ideas for how to get the deployed server to the new location?

What if you forked your repl and redeployed? Can you confirm that the server location is still Asia?

@NateDhaliwal I did that and still the same US IP location

It worked another time so I’m not sure why it doesn’t work now…

It is also possible that the change in server location is not being reflected due to caching or propagation delays on the internet, which are outside of Replit’s control lol.