Any good lua tutorials?

Anyone know a good lua tutorial? Thinking of learning it so i have an extra plan w Roblox in case replit does all the hosting changes and stuff

Don’t know any “good” tutorials, just found the ones on Google.

You can go to the official Lua website for their tutorial here on how to get started, though you may need to split-screen it with Replit to run your code.

Alternatively, you can go to Codecademy’s Lua course here, which has their own interactive IDE inside.


Thx, im looking forward to this


Well, you could learn some basic stuff first from Roblox’s YouTube channel, just scroll a lot down and there will be some “How-to” videos that will show you how to build and script stuff.


Maybe you can learn a bit of syntax, but Roblox is completely separate from Lua. First of all, Roblox uses Luau. Second of all, Roblox has a full 3d engine. You’ll barely learn anything that will actually work in Lua. Third of all, Luau doesn’t have as many features. There’s no io that you can read from and write to. This is probably so there are less backdoor scripts.

I hope these resources help you get started with Lua programming. Good luck!

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