ANSI C++ on Replit?

Does Replit use a ANSI standard C++ compiler or do I need to download VS Code for my class?

I’m not sure, but I think that since Replit supports ANSI color codes, it probably has an ANSI standard C++ compiler. However, I think it actually uses a Nix compiler.

If you really want to use an ANSI compiler, I suggest you to download VSCode (if you want to)?

Really, it doesn’t matter which C++ compiler you use, they’re pretty much all the same.

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My professor says we need an ANSI compiler for things to run perfectly. Apparently if there are discrepancies grading could be affected.

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Ok, I’m not really sure about Replit, if you really want to be sure, download VSCode.

run in Shell on a C++ repl:

sed -i '/override CXXFLAGS/s/$/ -std=c++98/
s/-Wno-everything/-Wmost/' Makefile

Ie used ANSI escape codes and theye worked for me before, but i didn delve too much into it so Iḿ not sure how much you can do with it. For example hereś a lambda function I used that uses ansi

clear = lambda: print("\033c", end="", flush=True)

The course probably aims to focus on algorithmic thinking (not practical programming) by disallowing the features added after ANSI C++. It probably makes marking easier and more reliable as well.
Using an ANSI C++ compiler ensures that you don’t rely on new features.

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I used ansi for clearing the console kind of in c++ with replit and it worked, so I don’t think you’ll need VScode unless you really want to use it.

I am 90% sure ansi codes and ansi C++ are unrelated. Afaik ansi c++ is just a version of c++, and ansi codes add style to the console.

ansi c++ is a term? lol

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