Another maddening program

@QwertyQwerty88 inspired me to do this:
This program prints “Hello world!” in only 36 lines in Python.


I’ll beat that later :wink:

Honestly I got tired of making it intentionally hard so I just used the same function over and over again for the last several letters.

I think I could make something take a minute in C

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I will not even try … man, that looks really weird code to think of :slight_smile:

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Usinf time.sleep you could make it take hours in Python. I know @anon45021817 made something like that with hello world.

I mean, taking a minute without delays

Now try to replicate that, but in Java. Shouldn’t be that hard

I don’t know Java but I’ve seen a Java hello world that was even bigger than this program. And it wasn’t that big on purpose.


I kinda feel the urge to make this in Java (for no obvious reason) now lol
Maybe I will

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Why is it still python =/

Why no nginx hello world?

@9pfs1 wouldn’t that take multiple files though?

It’d be easy to do a basic one that is all in one file, I’ll do it later

I don’t know another language well enough to do this in. I could do HTML, but that’s easy and debatable whether it even counts. As for JS… I only know how to use it to manipulate HTML and I don’t even know that very well. Maybe PikaBot can make you a garbage code in NodeJS. I know that’s one of your favorites.

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Where’s the x86 assembly? I could probably do it in less than a few hundred painful hours.


Try to do x86 assembly, then make a v86 demo!


36 lines?? Real short

i challenge you to print “hello” in 100 lines or more AND a line must have 5 characters to count.

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sorry forgot mention 100 lines of CODE