Announcing the Pro plan: The most powerful development experience on Replit

Today, we are launching a new plan for you to speed up your development with Replit’s AI tools and an even more powerful Workspace.

What is included in the Pro plan?

All the benefits from the entry Hacker plan: Unlimited Private Repls, one Always On, and one Boost that you can apply to any of your Repls.


A more powerful Workspace: Anytime you are actively coding, your Workspace will have 4 GB Memory, 4 vCPUs — double what you would get with Hacker. This will enable you to build more resource-intensive apps, and things like code intelligence and build times will be faster.


Ghostwriter: Replit’s coding assistant, with Complete, Generate, Transform, and Explain Code. For a limited time, Pro customers will get free access to the Ghostwriter Chat Beta, the first conversational AI in an IDE, complete with a proactive Debugger, and awareness of your project’s context.

Until now, Ghostwriter was only available via Replit’s virtual tokens, Cycles. With the Pro plan, you get the best development experience on Replit, in one easy-to-manage plan.

You can purchase the Pro plan for $20/month or $220/year.

For more information, check out our pricing page.


nice it comes with ghostwriter, but again, … expensive. 20 dollars a month… yeah no shot I’m staying hacker


When everybody is asking what we used to have, you just go making something else.
Nothing exciting here.


Sounds epic, maybe ill get it

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Yeah, you do get really good stuff with this plan, but I feel like the price screws people over.


@bigminiboss Of course you don’t need to pay for Ghostwriter since you are involved in a project to create a free alternative (PikaBot2005).

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yeah but it’s still in the works XD


I have to ask, what’s the tag color?

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The price is not a problem if you use the boosted repl as it is a 8x. and the base is also faster.
I still miss the 5 always on and boosted as the original hacker why more from ghostwriter.


^ I miss when replit wasn’t trying to be so free they try to obfuscate it, but the reason they need to increase prices so much is because they make it free for so many users and therefore for paid users, it has to cost more to make ends meet


The way it is now is much worse. One of if not the biggest complaints about the new pricing is only having 1 boosted repl. One of the biggest improvements would be have the option of a powerful boosts OR many less powerful ones.

The price isn’t bad considering Ghostwriter is $10 a month and the other stuff added on makes it more than $20 (with the new pricing).

Like @bigminiboss said that you are punishing paying users for the benefit for of the free users. Why can’t you do things like adding ads to repls of free users? Or limit the number of runs or page views they can get?

Like many people including my self asked in the last topic will there be anything for EVERYBODY that had hacker before the changes? Or is it only for the people that complained a lot?


yeah they have this really weird business model where they prioritize free users (for exactly that completely free, no ads, nothing) and then because they’re like: “oh wait to code it costs money, oh well I guess I need to charge people who do pay to compensate… let me see, oh I need to charge them the price of 10 users… ok I see.” Honestly, there’s a reason no other company has this business model, the moment you start doing this, people are gonna jump ship

EDIT: thread has been closed :frowning: sorry for flaming so much @antoine


Hey everyone,

I closed this post temporarily to write this answer.

We are open to feedback, but please be constructive and not passive/aggressive.

  1. What you used to have wasn’t sustainable for us. We want to build a sustainable business that will last over the long term.
  2. We appreciate our paid customers, want to give them a great experience, and are open to constructive feedback.
  3. We are not prioritizing free users over paid customers. We want to offer a great experience to both groups.
  4. We understood the feedback that Cycles can be hard to manage, so we bundled more things together and we are building other options to make it easier for you to manage.

If you want to share feedback what is helpful for us is:

  • Do you prefer paying in Cycles (usage/credit-based) or in a bundle (subscription-based)?
  • If you prefer buying a bundle, what would you like to see included and at what price? (note: this might not be doable for us in terms of cost)
  • If you prefer paying via Cycles (usage/credit-based) what is your preferred way to pay - one time credits or billing at the end of the month?
  • Any other use cases for you to use Cycles?

We appreciate your feedback and contribution to the community.

  1. bundle
  2. I’d like to see more affordable boosts (like 5x or something) (I don’t particularly care about ML that much)
  3. NaN
  4. NaN

While I understand that you’re not prioritizing free users, our main complaint is that we think you should add some more monetization for free users to lighten paid users load


Are you using boost for your development environment or for hosting with Always On?


Depends. Boosts and always on I rather hacker. But Ghost writer I prefer cycles due to the huge increase of price. One thing that would be nice is a mix and match hacker instead. The thing with cycles is that some people like my self wont be able to resist the earge to spend them if we buy them all at once since we wont that yearly discount. Though I think you should be able to get everything with cycles. I even suggested at one point the ability to buy hacker with cycles.

Cycles but only because i have a lot form bounties.

The ability to promote repls in the community. But limits should be imposed like only once a week for 2 days to prevent abuse.


The pro bundle is a nice one and well priced. I might actually get it.
But what many are asking is a return of the 5 boost/always on. So introduce bundle extensions… If team pro costs 15 and hacker 7. For 8 pm people can add 5 boost/always on 4x or 3 8x.

Next to that we need more granularity on gpu. It should be metered at a finer level than per day.


What do you like about the 5 boosts/always-on?

Was it the price (cheap!) or the ability to know the price upfront? Might be both.

For GPU, feedback noted.

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