Announcing Git in the Shell

Starting today, the Git command-line tools of all Repls provide a much better experience and integrate with your GitHub account. If you connect your GitHub account to Replit from the Account page, your Git commands (like git clone, git fetch, git push) will have access to your GitHub repositories and you can compose Git commit messages in the editor.

Read the whole post and details here:

Let us know what you think below!


you hear this @DillonB07 ? This must be your favoriate feature :smiley:


Finally, a reason to use my GitHub account!


@sonicx180 It is handy, yes!


You get a free hacker plan trial as well (maybe that’s only for pro, but if you’re a student, you can get it free).


LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Definitely gonna check that out.


I like it but it keeps saying I have a incorrect username or password

How does this work with existing remotes? (e.g. a remote that has a github token inside, for bots or lazy programmers)

Has it worked for you at all? It could be that your GitHub connection to Replit does not allow access to that repository. To check:

  1. First confirm you’ve connected your GitHub account at
  2. Go to
  3. Click ‘Configure’ next to Replit Online IDE
  4. Confirm Repository Access includes the repository you want to access, or is set to “All repositories”

You may need to clear the GIT_ASKPASS environment variable in your script so that it uses your other credentials.

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It has been working for me great :slight_smile: I am using both Replit & Github paired, thanks yall.

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Are /files/open and /github/token the only routes in the API, or is there an official list somewhere?

Currently, the only other endpoint is localhost:8283/, which confirms the API server is running. What other endpoints are you interested in having?

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I was just curious. However, it’d be nice if I could open build errors in the editor. Maybe /files/open’s body could have an optional cursor key that represents a cursor position and opens the editor with that position?

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Another question, what happens if there are multiple windows open? Also, I would like to mention that I would personally prefer that the file open to the right of the shell, not a separate pane.

Still not working :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

  • Are you using Replit in a browser or mobile?
  • Has it ever worked for you?

More ideas to try:

  1. refresh the Replit tab in your browser
  2. try disconnecting and reconnecting your GitHub connection on
  3. double check that your git remote corresponds to the correct repository
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I tried using the Git tab, but all it does is make a new repository (not pushing changes)