⚖️ Announcing Autoscale & Static Deployments

We’re excited to announce Autoscale + Static deployments. This is our biggest release yet, and it makes Replit the fastest place to go from idea to production for your next app. Deployments scale reliably with pricing that is cost-effective and transparent.

Here’s how it works:

  • Autoscale Deployments: Servers will automatically scale from zero to any level of demand, making it inexpensive for most apps, and effortless for when you go viral.
  • Static Deployments: Perfect for your HTML sites. Lightning-fast, super reliable, and free for Hacker and Pro subscribers. With support for Static Site Generators like Hugo, Svelte, and Vue.js, you can get started even faster.
  • Reserved VM Deployments: Customize your CPU and RAM to fit your needs and get fixed pricing every single month.

With these new offerings you can choose exactly which deployment type is the right one for your app. Every deployment comes with:

  • Scalable power: Easily upgrade the CPU and RAM of your app servers
  • Analytics: Stay current on your app’s growth with detailed request statistics
  • Logging: Monitor all of your builds and app processes in one place
  • Trusted security: Backed by Google Cloud’s industry-leading cloud security

Autoscale and Static Deployments are accessible today for Pro and Hacker builders, so upgrade your account to try it out. And, as always, comment below to let us know what you think!


This sounds like a great improvement!

I cannot do this with my free Hacker plan :frowning: . Is this intended?

This is on a normal HTML/CSS/JS Repl.


This is an amazing update as it will be so useful to finally deploy websites! Thanks to all replit staff for this update :smiley: .


whats the point of static deployments, if you can just create an HTML repl? the custom subdomain name?


{deleted} sorry it said free for hacker and pro, not free and hacker and pro

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It seems really nice especially to host small html sites.
But about Autoscale, does a Flask app in python means it is up all the time or does it count only CPU usage ?

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And the pricing has been updated but Always-On seem to have disappeared from Hacker and Pro plan.
Is it going to be removed or is it an error ?

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I feel a bit left out here.
How is this a good thing? I was really looking forward to static Deployments that were free (like Glitch). Most users on replit are on free plans, doesn’t this make them a little left out?


With Autoscale, the app can go to sleep to save CPU (and money), but it will restart very quickly if a new request comes in.

You’ll only be charged if the app is running AND the CPU is actively being used. Time where the app is up but no CPU is consumed is not charged.


We plan to have some options for free users, too. We’ll have an update to share soon.


It isn’t removed. But we think Autoscale is a much better experience. You can host more apps with better performance.

So you’ll see us featuring Autoscale as the primary way to deploy/host your Repls over Always On.

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Hello @scottatreplit ,
thanks for your reply

With Autoscale, the app can go to sleep to save CPU (and money), but it will restart very quickly if a new request comes in

It’s very interesting, does that mean that a Python app may stop and restart even if it is deployed ?
I thought that a deployed app would really be always on and never stop and start.

If I understand correctly, if there is a relatively long initialization at the start of the app, it may do it again after a stop caused by no usage ? I thought it would do it only once after the deployment (or any unexcepted crash of course)


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Only dedicated VMs are fully always on

This is intended; we require a card on file since the service is usage-based.

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Can it be set up so that I can use it until I exceed my limits and then it dies on me or something similar to the egress limit?

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Shouldnt you be able to use cycles for it though?

Not at the moment, this is an edge case that doesn’t affect many people and we have to prioritize stability and other features first.

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The people need to know how big a deal this is. Seamless production grade development on Replit is HERE!

That makes sense. Down the road though I would appreciate a solution because if Always On and whatnot gets phased out then it will make Hacker much less exciting without a connected payment method.

Ok thanks, good to know that … Too bad we can’t rely on perfect uptime but I hope it doesn’t disconnect too much though