Angular Migration to Replit Possible


I’m new to Replit, so I’m trying to understand the capabilities and capacities of Replit. I developed a web-app using Angular with Firebase as a backend. Can I migrate that app to Replit and do all my development here?

Is there a workflow where I can develop my entire web-app in Replit and push it to my hosting platform?


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Hello @MateoAtwi1, welcome to the community!

Sure you can, in fact you can even host on replit if you want to :slight_smile:
Just to note that replit has templates, where you can easily start from a ready-made python environment to even an angular repl. If you need a fresh start, you can start with blank repl(where you’ll have to setup the environment yourself) by clicking here and choosing use template option.


The angular template is here
It is probably not possible to find a exact replacement for the tools fire base provides without a lot of effort (I might be wrong on this) but you could probably find a some decent ones.