Android Mobile Application Support for Standard

Can’t find any document on what all the extra buttons on the Android Replit Mobile Application do. Is there a github repository with the code for this application if nothing else so we can figure out how this works?

Android Replit Mobile Application doesn’t appear to use the standard Android Keyboard APIs and nearly unusable without this information to validate how it should be working.

What should I expect in the Shell CLI within the Mobile Application?

What do all these mean and how can I do path auto-completion in the shell window? Application has a tendency to jump to the far left of the command window and often isn’t in my language local.
“< o >” = This appears to be a virtual track ball, left / right work but up / down don’t work

Standard Android Application Keyboard API: Enable user interactions  |  Jetpack Compose  |  Android Developers

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Hi @PeterCampbell6 !
The first picture’s prompts allows the user to use commin symbols, like parentheses, dots or colons. The trackball works, but in the editor. I don’t think it does in the Console/Shell.
The Shell prompts… I don’t really know if these work, but I know there are other features that can be improved.

@NateDhaliwal That would really be awesome, is the code for the mobile application hosted anywhere we can see it or potentially submit pull requests to make it work better on our phones?

Hi @PeterCampbell6 !
I don’t see it in their Repos list on Github, it is likely that it is Private.
Maybe you could make a Feature Requests for this?
Hope this helps!

Ok, moved to Feature-Requests. Thank you.