An FPS Meter I made

This is an FPS Meter tool I made, hope you like it!
Here is the link:

Watch out for a browser extension version of this tool coming soon…

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can you add ping to it as well as wifi speed?

It’s nice, but you should change the colors for the meter in light mode.

Here are some recommendations:
A nice dark brown for the purple/blue
Orange is fine :slight_smile:
For green, you should try midnight dark blue, Dark midnight blue / #003366 hex color (#036) or this dark green color: #01321c hex color

Edit: for green, you can also try what I like to call “froggy green” which should describe the color I’m thinking about.

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No, not really. Frogs come in many colors.

Then “stereotypical not that light but not too dark frog-like green” should do it.

It’s great! Though I’d recommend putting an average FPS though.

(RIP 40fps)

I don’t think those things can be added to an FPS ‘measuring’ extension. However, I can do this as another extension possibly as a future project.

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Thanks for these suggestions! I have changed some of the colours in light mode.

Yeah that would be really cool!