An extension for seeing the current open files "symbols" so that you can jump around to different methods

Symbols extension

I think it would be a good idea to have a “symbols” extension, that allows you to jump around to different classes, methods, and objects in your code.

In Github’s new beta code viewer, you can see this in action, and it’s an extremely valuable tool for developers and people just sifting through your code.

This would be a vital tool to have in bigger projects in Replit, making it easier to find things, and it supports having larger projects on replit, and not just small ones.


What an incredible idea. It would be really great :star_struck:

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I got into the extensions beta and made it myself! Works really well!

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What languages does it support? Could you share some screenshots? I find the tool on GitHub to be very helpful although it does not support enough languages.

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Currently, only JavaScript/JSX. I hope to add more languages in the future, but right now, I want to get the base of it done before I move on to that.



CSS is a work in progress


This is a great idea!