An ASCII tetris game

It was a while i wanted to make ascii based tetris like the true original one. I worked on it for a few hours a couple of weeks back, then got side tracked by work and i just had a couple of more hours to finish the core game.

It is now is playable. Probably plain for modern standards. I plan to add some more things like sounds, maybe colours, a leader board, difficulty levels, more game levels, more weird shapes (there are already a couple), bombs and alike, … we will see.

Anyhow, give it a try and check it once in a while to see if i had time to add something to it.

this is the link to the repl:

use arrows to move and rotate, space to pause the game, esc to qui

PS: Not sure how is plays on free as i coded it on a pro account. Plays great locally :slight_smile:


I refer to my comment on mainsite:


Thanks. I share little, that explains probably.
Or maybe, i am not as good as you think. But i take the compliment.


This is one of the best Python projects I’ve ever seen. It runs fine on the free tier. I had no idea it would be so difficult when they’re all the same color.

Difficulty increased. I have no idea how to read a lot of that code.

Along the way i lost both kids: the older one has declared he is not interested in programming, the young one could follow till it was clear i needed (maybe wanted) curses for scoring and alike.

I have cleaned it up and for me it is ok to play … just a pity that REPLIT seems to have slowed down tremendously lately and that is has no sound support. I will work on it offline and probably build some other classics also offline.
Cannot stand that my old raspberry pi 1 is faster than a pro replit account.

UPDATE: it is done for now. Play it offline and you will enjoy faster playing and … sound!
Get it from my github.


It’s cool. I wish I could try locally but I don’t have python. (Also look at the view count hehe sorry)

Edit: played a little bit. It’s fun like Tetris should be, (I wish I could get this on my graphing calculator), but I hate when it lags! So annoying.

Edit: view count changed, so what I said won’t work anymore.

Maybe try running it on a shell account (assuming that SSH wouldn’t make it too slow).

IDK what that is but I do know my school blocked crosh and terminal (IIRC they’re the same thing).

What do you mean by view count?
Unfortunately it used to run pretty good and I was always testing in the free performance mode … then last week the lag started.
It is pretty annoying because I want to make few classics, for fun obviously, and some will need pygame for more than just sound. … so lag will be even worse.

Or I just move to a compiled lang, but I doubt it will be much better on Replit.