Always on with npm start

I purchased cycles to have my reply always on, but it requires the npm start command to work. How do I make it always on?
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There is no way. When a repl first starts up it uses that command to start. Always on will make it so it stays on but it cant do so with out the command.

So can I not have an always on repl if it requires npm start?

I was wrong. Like @bigminiboss said in their now-deleted reply you can edit the .replit file and make the run command something different.

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Click on … on Files ( show hiden files )
edit (.replit) edit line “bash” to "“bash npm start;bash”
bottom on Files list have a shell icon click on it and console appers, type “kill 1” to restart

It just doesn’t start.

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I just can’t help you because my job is to control access to some sites, and if there’s a block there’s a reason

Hey there! Can you open hidden files with the three dots and go to the .replit file. then and
run = "npm start"

I’ve tried, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

Move to a node.js repl. Change the entrypoint in the .replit file to backend.js, or rename backend.js On HTML repls the run button just updates the static files to be hosted