Always on with npm start

I purchased cycles to have my reply always on, but it requires the npm start command to work. How do I make it always on?
Repl link:

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There is no way. When a repl first starts up it uses that command to start. Always on will make it so it stays on but it cant do so with out the command.

So can I not have an always on repl if it requires npm start?

I was wrong. Like @bigminiboss said in their now-deleted reply you can edit the .replit file and make the run command something different.

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Click on … on Files ( show hiden files )
edit (.replit) edit line “bash” to "“bash npm start;bash”
bottom on Files list have a shell icon click on it and console appers, type “kill 1” to restart

It just doesn’t start.

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I just can’t help you because my job is to control access to some sites, and if there’s a block there’s a reason

Hey there! Can you open hidden files with the three dots and go to the .replit file. then and
run = "npm start"

I’ve tried, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

Move to a node.js repl. Change the entrypoint in the .replit file to backend.js, or rename backend.js On HTML repls the run button just updates the static files to be hosted

can you please go into a little bit more depth? This comment is coming to close to what I need to achieve something I need.

In the .replit file (need to show hidden files to view) change the entry point in that file to the file you would like to run


Where would the entry point be?
heres a link to my project:

In some Repl templates, entrypoint isn’t automatically configured, just add entrypoint = "some path/some file.extension" above or just below hidden. (Note that I’m not 100% sure entrypoint works in HTML CSS & JS Repls, but I’m pretty sure it should.)