Always On toggle is not visible

Problem description:
Where the toggle for “Always on” usually is, is empty. I have some always on repls and I checked on one of them and usually there is a on/off toggle to select “always on” for a repl. That place is currently not there anymore. I do not seem to have any way to turn a repl’s always on function on or off. I am using teams pro but I see that in my normal repl account there is no option for always on either. I am guessing there is just some bug that made this setting not visible at the moment but Its kind of important so here I am reporting it.

Expected behavior:
there should be a visible on/off toggle to select “always on”

Actual behavior:
toggle is not visible in repl details like it usually is.

Steps to reproduce:
open any repl and look for the always on toggle

Bug appears at this link:

OS: macosx
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Teams Pro

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Always On is being replaced by Deployments so it is being taken away. See the following topic for information about Deployments:


hmmm thanks for that info. I just checked the Teams Pro details and it doesn’t say anything about compute units like regular accounts get. I originally switched to Teams specifically because it offered 5 always on repls. Now I see no mention of what this now entails in a Teams Pro account. I am also unsure of what will happen to my existing repls that are currently set to always on. They seem to be running fine now, do these automatically get deployed in the new system? This is so confusing I can’t tell if Teams Pro lost the Always On equivalent or if documentation just didn’t get updated.

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I don’t have any official info other than what I already gave you but here are my thoughts:

My existing Always On Repl with Hacker is still Always On.

I highly doubt this as IIRC Deployments are not simply a one-click option like running a regular (beta hosted) Repl.

Sometimes Replit is confusing :man_shrugging: . They’re trying to make stuff clear but questions will arise. You could post some of these questions in one of the topics I listed above and see if staff responds.

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Hi there! PM on the deployments team here.

This was our mistake. Teams Pro accounts will retain their always-on allotment for now. Check back today and you should see always-on again.

We’re working on giving teams pro users access to autoscale & static deployments.


OK, great. I see its back now. Hopefully there is an email sent when I need to convert repls to deployments so I don’t lapse on uptime.

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