Always ON to Static Deployment

I have been using the Hacker plan’s Always On feature to host a discord bot. Its a small bot. How would i use the new deployment feature to host this?

Do VM Deployments cost an additional $6 on top of the hacker plan?

Hi @JustinCooper6 , welcome to the forums!
Setting up a Deployment is pretty easy. Just click the Deploy button, select an option, and do the final steps (domain linking etc) and you’re done!
Reserved VMs are paid, but the other 2 are free with Hacker or Pro.

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Be careful in your optimistic answer, for the moment you can only use Reserved VM for Discord bot, so it won’t be free

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You cannot use Autoscale?

Unfortunately not at the moment
I’ve done a test with the Deployment experts at Replit and they said, after tests, that deployment of bots or background processes is, right now, only possible on Reserved VM.

I would love to have a bot always alive and I would pay only for compute cycles based on the usage and things it does but it’s not possible now …

Deployments are really interesting but, as always with Repl, not mature enough to replace all our great usages of Repl :slight_smile:


Actually, dependant on the use case and how your bot is made, you can indeed use Autoscale deployments.

If you use a HTTP interaction based bot, Discord will send a POST? request to your app at a URL you specify in the developer portal.

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Very interesting, do you have an example on of such a Discord bot ?
It means that instead of having a discord run at a specific port, you can just have a Flask waiting for discord to make a POST ?
Have you tested with Deployments ?

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I made a quick one a while ago using Express.js that just searched Google for results, might publicise that later.

Yeah that’s exactly how it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Not with this bot in particular but with other websites running Express (which means it should just work fine)

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This seems to be the answer i’m looking for.

I’m basically wanting a VM thats always on running my discord bot script. It looks like deployments doesn’t support that at the moment. I love repl for its ease of use and beautiful UI but it sucks that their wont be a direct replacement for ‘Always Active’ without having to rewrite my bot.

@fvillemin @haroon/GoogleDiscordSlashBot

Same for me, you can only do it with Reserved VM
But I think $6 per month for a Discord bot is really too expensive …

Thanks for your example, I need to see which python package can do that

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