Always On to Deployment migration

I currently have a Hacker plan and an Always On Replit running a 24/7 script using node-cron. This script executes a task every 20 seconds, and in certain scenarios, it sends notifications via Telegram. How can I achieve similar functionality using a deployment option? I appreciate your assistance; I’m quite new to this! :sweat_smile:

Hi @livegoal90 , welcome to the forums!
You can just click ‘Deploy’ and deploy your bot!

What kind of deployment do I need? In my script, I have some sensitive information, and I’m wondering how I can securely protect such personal data from unauthorized access or exposure. Thanks in advance for all your support!

You can use Secrets to store sensitive data, and I recommend that you use Autoscale Deployments, which are free with Hacker.

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They still cost cycles

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