Always On Repls feature?

Hi. I’m totally new to Replit. I’m on a free plan right now. I’m wondering if the free plan means the bot that I created isn’t live 24 hours since there’s a “Always On Repls” feature? If so, how many hours a day is it live? I’m asking this because I’m using the bot to alert trading signals. Thus, it’s vital that I do not miss any alerts. I’m wondering if the free plan will do or if I should buy Cycles.


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Hey @Mac79 welcome to the forums.

Can you please elaborate on what you are trying to figure out.

Your bot would be up as long as the tab on repl is open and you are running the script. If the page gets unloaded your repl will shut down.

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Hi @Mac79 does this doc help?

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Hey @Mac79 welcome!

Always on will let you repls stay up 24/7. It is a great feature for hackers and for cycles owners! There are some great tutorials out there to keep you bot alive with some import (a bunch of them) I personally recommend the 24/7 feature because it always keeps alive your reply + it is reliable and secure! If you don’t want to buy the hacker plan you could buy cycles which are very cheap!

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Hi Ian. Thank you for the link. It’s very helpful. Regarding this…

"Always On does not extend your Repl’s lifetime, and all Repls are subject to go to sleep at any time. However, Always On will immediately run your Repl again whenever this happens. "

  1. Does my Repl have an expiration date? If so, can I check?
  2. If the Repl goes to sleep, how soon does Always On run my Repl again. Within seconds or something like that?

I’m just asking because I need it to be as reliable as possible. I’m probably gonna purchase some Cycles so I can use this feature. I’d like to know set my expectations regarding the reliability of the bot.


Hi Ethan. I’d just like to find out which is the best way to keep the bot most reliable since I connect it with an important task that needs to be up 24 hours. I’d just like to make sure the Always On feature can help with that and there’ll be no downtime.

If it is a discord bot no don’t use Replit since a lot of discord bots are being hosted here and they are being rate limited. If it is not a discord bot go ahead. Thought Replit staff did say in the discord that you will be able to buy your IP so your bot wont be rate Limited

I’m using the bot to connect to my Telegram, so I guess that’s ok?

Yea that should be fine. I dont think you will be rate limited.

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Hi @Mac79 thanks for the message.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your questions but I can reach out to engineering and ask. Once they get back to me I’ll update the thread for future reference.

Thanks! I already purchased $5 for the Cycles. Please let me know when the engineering has responded.


Great purchase @Mac79 !

Hi @Mac79 I’ve got a reply which will hopefully answer your original questions.

Hi Ian. Thank you very much. Just to confirm about the expiration date, I don’t have the hacker plan but did purchase the Cycles, so I guess as long as I don’t run out of Cycles, it’s the same thing as the hacker?

Always on is the same with cycles and hacker. It will stay on until you run out of cycles.

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Did you mean what will happen in always-on repl?


Sometimes if you visit it it will show “Waking Repl…” and about half minutes after it can visit.
If you turn on the Always-On, you can quickly visit your site.

Server Repl

Like if you serve an app on Flask on Python, it’s the same.

About web crawler

If the request website(or server) isn’t on, it will retuen the status code 502. Then it will open and you can get 200.

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“HTML, CSS, JS” websites should always load instantly unless there’s a replit issue or you have too many requests. The website is hosted statically by replit so the repl doesn’t have to actually be on 24/7

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I’m pretty sure only Auto Refresh HTML Repls stay on 24/7

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