Always on Repl restarts multiple times a day

Problem Description:
I have a bot running on an always-on repl, it does lots of things, but one thing it does do is calculate a daily interest for the users. However, the repl restarts multiple times in a day causing the interest to be calculated up to 3 times in said day.

Expected behavior:
It would be expected to work as a run once always on system as opposed to a system that momentarily restarts.

Actual behavior:
restarts multiple times in a day

Steps to reproduce:

import time



Bug appears at this link:


I’m not sure why you would redact the repl link, it would be nice to have to help you troubleshoot but oh well.

“Always On” doesn’t mean that it is running 24/7 non-stop, it (AFAIK) just wakes up your repl when it goes to sleep.

One possible solution to this is check the date prior to performing calculations, and if you’ve already made calculations on that date, then don’t calculate.


This is not a bug, unfortunately this is how it works. What always on actually means is that if your reply stops running, it will start again automatically as soon as possible. I’m not an expert on this sort of thing but basically repls have to be stopped to move them around the clusters, always on repls will then be started immediately afterwards. So in other words, this is not a bug. If you want more uptime and more reliability, try the new deployment feature which was released just today.


If you want a “truly always on” repl, check out deployments: :confetti_ball: Introducing Replit Deployments 🌐


Contains semi-sensitive info and is a private repl.

Secrets exist.

Then it would 404 for us regardless.

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