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I am creating a discord bot and using an always on Repl to keep the bot online at all times. Something I have noticed, the bot seemingly drops the connection and restarts at random intervals. This is a bit of a problem for the bot as there is discord embed that needs to be kept open so users can interact with it, if the connection is closed the embed will no longer work and a new one will need to be created. Which is not too big of a deal honestly, but another issues comes when the connection drops randomly while interacting with the bot. Is this something that is potentially done wrong on my end? Any info on this would be helpful, thank you!

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Repls with always on restart every once and a while so Replit can manage resources better. Deployments will never restart unless your account runs out of cycles or somebody re-deployes


Hi @not-ethan, Thank you for the reply!
Is this something that is on a timer? Or maybe if the program is currently running, it wont restart?

No there is not timer. And it does not matter if its running. All always on does is start the repl if it ever goes to sleep

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Okay understood, thank you for the quick help !

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