Always On not working!

I have a python app that runs code through a continuous loop every 5 minutes. I just need the loop to continue without stopping. I’m also using Flask to display information via the webpage. I’ve tried the keep_alive tutorials, as well as using UptimeRobot, but nothing works. After about an hour, navigating to my replit’s .co website results in the “Hmmm… we couldn’t reach this” screen. Then the UptimeRobot pings it again on the next interval and resets all variables. I have Always On selected on my project, so I feel like it shouldn’t be dying. Any help?

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I have one sure answer and another that should work. The reason all your variables reset after the Repl stops is because they run from memory, hence, if it shuts down they are lost. I can give you some tips on storing variables in text files if you need, or use the Replit db module.

That’s what I know for certain. Now for what I think should help:
Always on should always work as it is a built-in feature of Replit. If that’s not working, you could try some free alternatives:

  1. Perhaps the most common one, add a comment on your Repl saying @gdaybot keep alive and gdaybot will add that Repl to the Repls being pinged (which keeps them alive) by
  2. has a 20 Repl per account limit. I have no idea how to change which 20 Repls those are. So, the site also includes a list of alternative pingers (personally I use the Cactus Pinger as that is made by CodingCactus, a Replit moderator).

In summary, you are either doing something wrong (seems highly unlikely), or something’s glitching in Replit. If you are paying for cycles to keep it alive, then that should do it. I hope the alternatives I listed can help.

Thanks for that info. Unfortunately, it keeps happening.

I think it would be helpful to get a replit employee explanation on why Always On is restarting my app several times during the day. This is unacceptable for my purposes and I need it to remain on and running consistently. I am disappointed that I paid for cycles and it seems to be useless.

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From what I’ve found, might be the best alternative for what I’m wanting. Although I’d definitely prefer replit, it just doesn’t work for my needs here.

I wouldn’t recommend Glitch, it isn’t a good IDE

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Unfortunately it doesn’t matter as long as it gets the job done somehow. I agree replit is better, but if it literally just can’t do what I’m wanting, I don’t have a choice

Yea replit has some major issues, one of them being many libraries don’t install/work well

I seem to have traced the issue to my replit rebooting when it switches servers, but I have authentication that is required each time that happens.

what sort of authentication? You could use secrets