Always On Not Working On Hacker Plan

I have a hacker plan but I can’t use always on for my repls for the past 2 days, even though I only have 3 repls in total with always on.

Hey @OOlajide, thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

Hacker plan changed in Jan, and now you are only able to have 1 repl always on. You can see the pricing page here. If you want more always on you will need to purchase cycles!

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This change in 1 always on weren’t supposed to push until April?

Cc @IanAtReplit



The changes don’t take effect until April 3rd?


Did you buy Hacker Plan before these changes released?

That’s what I said… this must be a bug?

Actually no, these changes don’t take effect if you renewed/bought hacker plan before these changes were announced, otherwise they do

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Apparently it was a bug, the changes don’t come into effect until April regardless of whether you bought hacker before or after the announcement.


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