Always on didn't work!

i have problems with replit in always on i am run api but it’s sleeping every 60m why

Hey, @HumanCaTs welcome to the forums!

Always on repls restart every once and a while and should automatically turn back on after that.

I have alot of requests in my repl it’s died without back.

If it’s that you are getting an error I believe that it won’t automatically turn back on to save resources on Replits end if it will just an error iirc.

Are there solutions?

Fix the error if you are getting one.

I can’t

It says the Replit team was told about this so you can wait for them to get to this. Though don’t expect a fast repance since I think the support team is backed up.

damn it , anyway thanks for you.

Hey @HumanCaTs!

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing the crash. I’ve let the team know that this is an issue and will follow up as soon as I have an update.