Always On Deployment (Reserved VM)


I got the problem that I clicked on the deployment that says „always on“ but it isn’t always on… I think it was the reserved vm deployment

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What do you mean by “it isn’t always on”?

It stops 5 minutes after I clicked „run“ and then I have to restart it manually

The run button is separate from your deployment.

I have coded a discord bot so it must be online 24/7
So what to do if it’s offline after 5 Minutes even if I have the deployment and everything?
I don’t really understand…working on this for about 6 Months now, it’s frustrating

Yes. Your deployment is on 24/7.

But the Deployment is separate from the Run button.

Even if it shows the Run button is off, your deployment is still running.


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I have three Telegram bots. Will I need a reserved server for each bot? Or just one server for all bots ? Will deploying the three bots cost me $7 per month or $21

Hey @MoMore1!

Yes, you will need to pay for a Reserved VM per bot, so if you have three bots you will deploy each of them as Reserved VM meaning three Reserved VM deployments. So, if you are deploying three bots, I believe it would be $21 a month.

This is very expensive. Is there no other way to deploy bots that is less expensive?

Not on Replit, I haven’t used this but you could try using this tutorial on hosting your bots for free → Free Hosting for Your Telegram Bot: It’s Easier Than You Think | by Abdulaziz Pulatjonov | I hope this helps!