Always On and Boost Capabilities for Teams for Education Members?

I’m in Teams for Education - I can successfully add students, set up projects, etc., so I guess I’ve been verified. But if I open up a replit and try and set it to Always On or Boost, it says I need to spend some cycles on it. And in a Teams for Education Unit, when I click on + to create a new replit, I have the same issue.

So how do I take advantage of enhanced performance for Teams for Education?

You can set up repls and stuff even if you have not been verified through you will get notifications and emails asking you to verify.

Once you verify it should take automatic effect. Also, these may be personal repls since you cant use cycles on team repls yet.

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Thanks so much, Ethan, I appreciate it. Who do I talk to, or what do I have to do, to get verified?

I believe it is sent to the email you gave well making the team.

I signed up a while ago, and my email search is coming up blank. Should I just make a new team? Or is there someone who I should contact?

There may be a button on the team page. Let me check the documentation.

I did not find anything. I would say you should go to office hours or email replit. The links can be found on this page: Teams for Edu Support | Replit Docs

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You can email @Brittany.Pirkle for team for education verification or get in contact with Replit support